Finding Neverland

Photographs, 2006 – 2011
Digital Photographs, dimensions variable

The photographs show small installations in nature, which grow and disappear again. These interventions are almost invisible for a passing stranger. Only the photographs conserve the action.
My inspiration goes to my childhood, where I grew up near a forest and my everyday game was, beside working in the garden or in the house, to install small objects in nature.I created my own world with natural characters, where I did not want to destroy or change the surroundings. Because no one else was supposed to find it, my installations had to be minimalistic.
In the summer 2004 in London I started to leave hidden messages around parks as a part of my game, in which I tried to connect with the metropolis. Later on I began to record these interventions, where the medium of photography plays an important role by transforming the action into another, more visible dimension.
And again not only these installations, but also me as an object in the environment are connected as a whole, as a part of the never­ending story.