Dark Princess & the Fox

«Dark Princess & the Fox; I am your shadow, I am your light» performance at «of Color» Helmhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
Performed with oldboy electronics and Nilo Stillhard
Duration: 28.3.2019, 06:30pm–07:10pm

Lubomira Lavrikova deals with cultural and religiously connoted archetypes. For her installation “I am your shadow, I am your light” at the Helmhaus Zürich, Museum of Contemporary Art, she collects mystical symbols from Mesopotamian, early Christian, and natural-religious contexts and assembles them into a new cosmos. At the center of the installation and performative practice is the search for the feminine principle, which she unflinchingly senses and always sees in dialogue with her male counterpart. Through her autobiographically inspired poems, she creates a connection to the present and her own story.
© Daniela Minneboo

Sound: © [oldboy electronics]
Photography: © Estelle Gassmann