Etchings, 2013
Drypoint and Monotype on offset paper, each print: ca. 14 x 17 cm, paper: ca. 19 x 27.5 cm

Let’s have a closer look at today’s media and ask ourselves: What is underneath the surface?
With the help of pictures of celebrities displayed on the internet I have been trying to find the eternal feminine in all of us focusing on the glamorous star that I see as the archetype, the goddess of our time. In my work I have specifically been concentrating on the sexy, powerful and self-confident woman, who has the ability to transform into the figure of a wild cat. This metamorphosis proves her inner strength as well as her mystery.
The glossy stars function as mirrors reflecting everything beautiful and desirable we identify with. The reason why we are drawn to such glamorous figures is based on the embodiment of the archetype of the wicked witch. Unpredictable and catlike she casts a spell over us in order to manipulate and dominate us.