Before she left

«Before she left» site specific installation at «Untertage im Waldhuus, best of visarte zürich & guests» Dolder Waldhaus, Zürich, Switzerland, 2017

15 Monotypes (size variable); Plants, Earth, Necklace, Badge, silver Tape, Curtains, painted
T-shirt, black Feathers, Sweets, painted Cage, Candles in painted Glasses; two Lights, Poem

My site specific installation is inspired by the myth of an ancient female figure, Lilith, the first woman of Adam, who disappeared from the Bible. She would not submit to her husband Adam, not even to God. Rather, she voluntarily moved out of the paradise and went into exile. People were afraid of her. They told themselves that Lilith haunted them at night, stole the semen from the men in their dreams, took away new born children and slept with the devil.

The ambivalent figure Lilith was demonized and negatively interpreted in patriarchal culture because of her wild female nature. I have awakened her from the oblivion and tell her story anew.

She is still waiting for her counterpart. He should admit the made mistake and come back. It is not a fight between the genders. After a thousand years, the opposite poles should converge. My work is about overcoming innate fear, an ego built on a false identity and about showing the way from the duality to the cosmic union, from where we once emerged. In everyone lies the masculine and the feminine. Yin and yang. The medieval alchemists already knew how a cosmic wedding, the ultimate human’s union with God was achieved. This secret was hidden in the hexagram symbol where a balance between the opposite poles was needed. This is also symbolised in the serpent Ouroboros; a symbol of cosmic unity, micro- and macrocosm, without beginning and end, a circle. Is that a myth? The circle as well as the hexagram can be found in all cultures. A transformation is possible NOW! An evolution of mankind. A balance of the opposite poles. A cosmic union with the divine.


And then she just left the paradise with so called security
They didn’t want equality!
Leaving God with her man behind
Although the guys created submissive replacement quickly
Forgot her in a rage
Ruling on their own
She never gave up on her man
Observing him from the edge of the red sea
Where the border ended
How he roamed searching for something unfulfilled
Not knowing what was it
Superficially happy
Centuries have passed by
One day
He suddenly heard a known voice calling him
Adam come with me!
Come with me!
He recognised that voice and cried

Text from my artist’s book «Through the Darkness to the Light», Amsel Verlag, Zürich 2017