Lubomira Lavrikova


2011 – 2014
MA in Art Education
Zurich University of the Arts (CH)

2005 – 2007
MA in Fine Arts
Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem (CZ)

2005 – 2006
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (CZ)

2001 – 2005
BA in Fine Arts
Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem (CZ)


«I am your shadow, I am your light» site specific installation at «of Color» Helmhaus, Zürich (CH)

«Dark Princess & the Fox» performance at «of Color» Helmhaus, Zürich (CH)

«Dark Princess Ritual» performance and site specific installation at the Performance Festival «Stereoskop VII», Tart Gallery, Zürich (CH)

«Dark Princess Game» performance at the exhibition «Transmutation», Spieglerey, Dynamo, Zürich (CH)

«Lubomira LIVE» reading at «LiteraturTelefon» Atelier Räffelstrasse, Zürich (CH)

«Dark Princess waiting» performance at «Srinagar Biennale, Open stage open air» public spaces, Basel (CH)

«Before she left» site specific installation at «Untertage im Waldhuus, best of visarte zürich & guests» Dolder Waldhaus, Zürich (CH)

«Through the Darkness to the Light» poetry performance and artist’s book at «Volumes 2017» Helmhaus, Zürich (CH)

«Beyond» performance at the Performance Festival «Stereoskop II» Wunderkammer, Zürich (CH)

«Everything is just stardust» video at «Video-Summe» Neues Kino, Basel (CH)

«Ishtar’s Mourning» performance at «LEGS Basel» Ausstellungsraum Klingental, during Basel Art Week (CH)

 «Beyond» monotypes at «MORE THAN 100 FRAMES» at «YIA Art Fair» Basel Art Center (CH)

«Beyond» monotypes at «MORE THAN 100 FRAMES» chemicalmoonBaby, Zürich (CH)

«Dark Princess with Lilith» performance and site specific installation at «HERE 2017» Cavallerizza Reale, Turin (IT)

«LEIDEN-SCHAFT» solo exhibition, kabinett visarte zürich (CH)

«I am your mirror» monotype at «Catch of the Year 2016» Dienstgebäude, Zürich (CH)

«Dark Princess Revival» performance at «Manifesta 11, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art» Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, Zürich (CH)

«iStatus» joint-venture performance at «Manifesta 11, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art» Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, Zürich (CH)

«Selektoren» lecture performance with Daniel Marti at «Obsession Dada: 165 Feiertage» Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich (CH)

«Dreaming and Walking Are One» artist’s book at «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2014» Helmhaus, Zürich (CH)

«Los Lassen» performance & live stream, as a surprise guest of Daniel Marti at «Performance of the Kunsthalle Kleinbasel» Villa Renata, Basel (CH)

«Dreaming and Walking Are One» artist’s book at the Independent Art
Publishing Fair «Volumes 2015», Zürich (CH)

«Nomaden» performance at «Untitled Yet, 2014» Dienstgebäude, Zürich (CH)

«Dreaming and Walking Are One» artist’s book at «Opening Scene» Dittinghaus-ZHdK, Zürich (CH)

«When I walk, I see so many things around» solo exhibition, notabene Kulturforum, Zürich (CH)

«Metamorphosis» etchings at «Untitled Yet, 2013» Dienstgebäude, Zürich (CH)

«Succulents» photographs at «Untitled Yet, 2012» Dienstgebäude, Zürich (CH)

«Finding Neverland» photographs at «FRAGILE, Global performance chain journey»

«Sukkulenten» photographs at «Gartenvielfalt Zürich» Lumobox Gallery, Zürich (CH)

«Behind us» video at «ArcheTime Film Festival» TBA, New York, NY (USA)

«Dunkle Prinzessin» installation & ­performance, Mes­sage Salon Downtown, Perla­ Mode, Zürich (CH)

«The Rings on the River of Life» video at «DELTA – International Experimental Film and Video Festival» Umakart Gallery, Brno (CZ)

«You» video at «MINIMOTION» Kino Uto, Zürich (CH)

«Loving Family» video at «Very fragile relationships» Armaturka Gallery, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

«Synthesis» exhibition with Gamboa, Café Zähringer, Zürich (CH)

«New video form, pictures and others…» solo exhibi­tion, Cultural space of the town Dolny Kubin (SK)

«Finding Neverland» video in the project «Two Points» at «Festival Multiplace» Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava (SK)

«Dornbusch» photography at «Adventskasten 03» Mehrzweckhalle in Zürich (CH)

«Beyond» video at «Festival Violet Fiasko» Pardubice (CZ)

«Finding Neverland» installation at «Diploma 07» Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

«Finding Neverland» installation at «Fresh Europe 2007» Kogart gallery, Budapest (HU)

«In the Forest» photography at «Adventskasten 02» Mehrzweck­halle in Zürich (CH)

«Princess» performance at «Celebration of Dragon» with cooperation of the studio Mamapapa, Trutnov (CZ)

«Be Blessed» video at «Land locked, Contenporary Czech Video and Photography» LCC Well Gallery, London (GB)

«Beyond» performance at «Koule v Aule» Fuud, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

«Czech Traditions» video at «New Media» Cheb (CZ)

«Czech Traditions» video at «2+18» Museum of the town Usti nad Labem, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

«Czech Traditions» video at «Kunst» Motorenhalle, Dresden (DE)