Dreaming and Walking Are One

Artist’s book, 2014
Digital print, 60 pages, 23 x 15.3 cm
Edition of 100, numbered and signed
Made in Switzerland, printed in Slovakia
Self Published

A Nomad’s Voyage

In this artist’s book I try to reflect on our global culture and the increasingly rapidly moving zeitgeist. During my different stops around the world I take pictures of people’s daily lives and of what touches me. These photographs I put together into the new set up in the book(discuss). It is a record of a global world as well as of my inner world. Micro and macro interest me.

In the book I try to use an unconventional design, placing emphasis on photography. The pictures are continuously flowing in different sizes through the pages. Sometimes I combine them with my monotypes. They are again reproduced through the photography. On the monotypes it is possible to find fragments of text, which resembles my poetry record. In the book one does neither find additional typography nor page numbers. It is the photography which describes the actual moment of our time.

The artist’s book is for me a manifest against the digital culture, in which all the images exist only in a digital way. I try to locate them in a print form although I use digital technology to print them. Therefore it is not a fight but rather a symbiosis of a digital and an analogue world. Which one will survive, that is the question.